Farming Just Ain’t the Same

Welcome to Farmacule

21st Century Farming is full of technology and really cool stuff. Through this blog we will explore some of these cool new technologies and machinery that performs the work these days.  From Drones who spray fields to GPS guided tractors farming sure is not what it used to be.  The work load never slows down but it does change allowing for new companies to rise.

We encourage our readers to send in cool farm equipment ideas to write about or stories you might have.



Farm and Landscaping

We are going to focus on farming across the US in many different industries. From Cranberries to Oranges, from grass to wheat and from Golf Greens to Potatoes, these technologies are changing the way we live and work. Technologies not only with electronics but in biology and formulations used in agriculture and home and garden. The formulations are getting safer and more effective, sometimes even being applied by a drone.


Catch you again soon for our first showcase. Until then enjoy the below video!