Tech is Everywhere in Agriculture

Agricultural technologyAgriculture and related industries are “Big” into Tech!

Technology has made its way into many people’s lives a long time ago. But that is not all! Technology has also been helping people with their business tasks for a long time. It is not just about ”better and faster”, but about sustainability as well. When it comes to ranchers and farmers, this translates into how food on their farms is grown and raised, as well as the role that technology is playing on their farms.

Nowadays, farmers are using technology to produce food more sustainable. The technology that they are using includes drones, moisture sensors, smart irrigation, self-driving and GPS enabled tractors, and terrain contour mapping. When it comes to growing food that is both profitable and sustainable, farmers are using technology to help them.

This is a good thing, and the reason why is because the Earth’s population is expected to grow significantly between now and 2050. Ranches and farms of today are using a combination of math, data, hardware and software, analysis and sensors to go beyond what a naked human eye can see. By using this technology, farmers can see which crops are doing well and which ones are not.

Ranchers are now able to continuously monitor the status of each and every single one of their cows at one time. This includes their health, behavior and location. Farmers can take a drone and put a multi-spectral sensor on it. Drones with multi-spectral sensors on them will capture data that can help farmers better predict how their crops should be watered.

Farmers can also put multi-spectral sensors on tractors that are fertilizing the soil, and they will be able to see if there are any crops that need more or less nitrogen. As you can see, technology has a big impact on farms.

Self-Driving Tractors

In early 2016, a self-driving tractor was announced by New Holland. With GPS enabled tractors and self-driving tractors, farmers can make it navigate its way across the field by programming the routes. Farmers can drive without using their hands, which means that they are able to perform other tasks without getting out of a tractor.

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GPS Technology

GPS technology can help farmers with soil sampling, crop scouting and field mapping. But that is not all, because it also helps them work when it is rainy or foggy outside with maximum efficiency.

Water Use and Precision

Some companies are using sensors that can detect moisture in the soil to help farmers create irrigation systems for their crops. These sensors can help farmers become more sustainable.

Other Related Industry Uses for Tech:

Tech is everywhere, heck its probably in your pocket 90% of the day. But there are some really cool things technology has helped develop. From agricultural efficiency and water preservation. We also see innovations popping up around other related businesses. For instance they use mobile technology to plot insect infestations and database this across the country and even world. It has helped track and manage pests.

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