The Benefits of Using GPS in Farming

GPS is becoming very important

Benefits of GPSEvery area of modern life has been invaded by technology, and there is absolutely no doubt about this. When it comes to this fact, farming is not an exception. Once upon a time, horses were being used as the main energy source for driving the equipment for harvesting and planting, but not anymore.

Instead of using horses, a many people now use tractors to tackle a lot of their farming tasks. Global positioning systems have replaced experienced guesswork and human eyes in field location, leveling, tractor guidance and many other tasks.

Precision Plowing

People were not always able to use the GPS technology, and the reason why is because it wasn’t always available. Before the GPS technology became available, tractor operators had to rely on something else. In order to keep furrows aligned, they had to rely on what they could see in the distance.

Whether these furrows were following the contour of the field or they were completely straight, it was always very important to pay some extra attention to the available land when guiding the plow. This is something that GPS technology makes so much easier to do, because along with automatic steering systems and other modern guidance technology, it can help you place furrows in your field with great precision.

Planting and Fertilization

When it comes to the field that has already been plowed, GPS information can be used to precisely place seeds within the furrows. Using GPS information to insert seeds directly into the furrows can help you save a lot of time and money. And when it comes to fertilization, it can be done by using the same method.

In addition to fertilization and placing seeds directly into the furrows, GPS technology can help you take soil samples and analyze and identify them by location to check if they contain nutrients that are required for successful crop growth. This is something that can help farmers apply fertilizer only to the areas where it is absolutely needed.

Field Mapping

Relying on visual cues can help you determine the field’s boundaries when you have a smaller field. However, relying on visual cues will most likely not help you so much if you have a larger field. GPS technology can help you overcome many challenges that you face while working on your field.

As is the case with any other type of business, you have to use all of the available resources for farming as well. And using the GPS technology when planting, raising and harvesting crops is one of the best and most cost-effective options out there.


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