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The Benefits of Using Drones in Agriculture

Not Just for Government and Kids..

Old school tractorDrones were once used only by the military, but now, many regular people own at least one of them. And when it comes to precision agriculture, drones are redefining its meaning. The number of farmers that use drones in their farms is continuously growing. The reason why they use drones is because drones offer them an aerial camera platform that doesn’t cost a lot of money.

This means that farmers can always monitor their crops without spending money on some expensive, high-tech camera security systems. And besides recording videos, drones also have the ability to capture images, which can then be processed using a special software to create a rectangle map of your farm.

The Number of Farmers Who Use Drones Is Constantly Growing

It is a fact that extreme weather conditions are on the rise, and as the world population continues to grow, agricultural consumption is expected to continue to grow as well. Based on all of this, many more farmers will most likely start using drones as well.

When it comes to using drones in agriculture, they can really help farmers get the job done. There are many reasons why using drones in agriculture is a good idea. And now, here are some of them.


Drones can be used for field and soil analysis. Basically, drones have the ability of producing an accurate 3-D map of your field. That map can be later used to conduct soil analysis on moisture content, soil erosion and soil property. This is something that is of the utmost importance when it comes to planning seed planting patterns. But that is not all, because such information is useful even after planting.


When it comes to farming, one of the biggest challenges that farmers have to face is monitoring their fields. Even though this challenge is hard on its own, what makes it even worse is the rise of unpredictable weather patterns. This is something that can cost farmers a lot of money.

But don’t worry, because this is something that drones can help you with. They have the ability of developing time series animations which can show you crop development with great precision.


Some drones are equipped with special type of sensors. These drones can scan your field to see if any areas have become dry. This is something that can help you when it comes to curing dry areas. Also, drones are not very expensive and they are not very hard to deploy, which is not really the case with traditional aircraft’s.

Farming Just Ain’t the Same

Welcome to Farmacule

21st Century Farming is full of technology and really cool stuff. Through this blog we will explore some of these cool new technologies and machinery that performs the work these days.  From Drones who spray fields to GPS guided tractors farming sure is not what it used to be.  The work load never slows down but it does change allowing for new companies to rise.

We encourage our readers to send in cool farm equipment ideas to write about or stories you might have.



Farm and Landscaping

We are going to focus on farming across the US in many different industries. From Cranberries to Oranges, from grass to wheat and from Golf Greens to Potatoes, these technologies are changing the way we live and work. Technologies not only with electronics but in biology and formulations used in agriculture and home and garden. The formulations are getting safer and more effective, sometimes even being applied by a drone.


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Farming and Tech

The Benefits of Using Technology in Agriculture

Technology in AgricultureTechnology has played a very important role in development of agricultural industry. Thanks to the agricultural biotechnology, farmers can now grow crops even in a desert. This technology gives plants the ability to survive in extreme conditions. Through genetic engineering, scientists have successfully introduced traits into the existing genes, which makes crops more resistant to many different pests and droughts.


Bacillus Thuringiensis

Bacillus Thuringiensis is a special type of bacterium that acts like a reservoir and it gives crops the ability to fend off many different types of insects. Basically, what this means is that genetically modified crops will grow without having to deal with insects. Since genetically modified plants are resistant to pests, they usually grow better than plants that are not genetically modified.


Using Mobile Apps

Using certain mobile apps is a great idea when it comes to calculating the amount of grass available in your field. By using a mobile phone, you will save a lot of time and money, and it will be easier for you to understand how much grass is left and what to feed your animals with. Technology is what turned farming into a real business.

Consumers can place their orders directly online, and the products that they ordered will be transported from the farm to their homes in a relatively short amount of time. If you are a farmer, this is something that can help you save a significant amount of money. Every farmer has their own way of using this technology. Some use it to market their products, while others use it to create fertilizers.

But there are also some farmers that use it in production. And with all of this in mind, if you are a farmer, you have to know exactly what you need to use the technology for.

Use of Machines

Cultivating on more than two acres of land was something that required a lot of time and effort a long time ago, but not anymore. Nowadays, farmers can cultivate on more than two acres of land without putting in so much time and effort, and they can even save a significant amount of money if they are using used tractors and other harvesting technology. Harvesters and planters make this process very easy.

When it comes to agriculture, production and time management are two very important things. This is because a farmer has to plant and harvest in time, and if they want to make some good money, they will have to deliver their products to stores in time as well.

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